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The Documentary
Cool Black North
Cool Black North
2019 - Canada
Running Time
88 minutes
Production Company
Second Time Around Productions Inc.
Canadian Broadcaster
City TV / Rogers Media Produced in Association with Rogers Media Inc

Cool Black North explores the unique and vibrant Canadian Black Community and its role in our country’s contemporary identity.

Through a series of intimate profiles, we are witness to a wide spectrum of life experiences, including the arts, entertainment, law, business, science and social activism. Though each person’s pathway to success is unique, they all share a common purpose and strength in overcoming often racially-based obstacles to succeed at the highest levels in their respective fields.

Most importantly it’s their commitment to helping others and giving back to their communities that has earned them the recognition of the Harry Jerome Awards – these incredible people paint a diverse and compelling portrait of excellence in the documentary Cool Black North.

Who Was Harry Jerome?


Harry Jerome, widely regarded as one of the ultimate exponents of his sport,

was only 19 years old when he set the first of seven world records, achieving one of the greatest triumphs in Canadian sports to date. Jerome, born in 1940 as a minority in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, was met with great adversity from the media all of his athletic career, yet overcame the odds to win 2 gold medals and become a hero of the Canadian people.

A deeply committed athlete, Jerome often showed great courage in difficult times, most notably when he made a remarkable full recovery after a quadriceps muscle tear severed his connection with his knee and threatened to end his career as an athlete. After a groundbreaking journey, Jerome retired from the sport with a masters in physical education and began a life-long mission to mentor and advocate for young athletes and minorities. In honor of his legacy, the annual Harry Jerome awards began over 30 years ago as a national event which credits and embraces the extraordinary excellence in African Canadian achievement.

Click here to learn more at the BBPA Harry Jerome Awards official website.

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